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Location: Sicily
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  • Sicily Gay Roadtrip

    (Hotel + Car Rental)

    Last Minute

    16 days / 15 nights

    On request it is possible to reschedule on a 7 days basis

    A beautiful journey to discover one of the places that according to Goethe is “the key to everything”.

    Sicily is nature, sea, sun and tradition! We drive you to discover all this beauty with comfort and relax. We’ve found renowned and prestigious hotels for your holiday in paradise. Typical sicilian residences to tell you the best of this island, its flavours, and its life.

    A Roadtrip for who want to see Sicily in its every facet. From the arab city of Palermo to the Sailtworks of Trapani, until to the greek Siracusa passing by the Valley of Temples, heading to the Pearl of the Ioian: Taormina.

    You have just to relax and enjoy the breathtaking landscape outside your car window!

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    08 August – Palermo

    Take over the rental car at the airport and depart for Palermo. After check-in at the hotel Ambasciatori we recommend a tour of the Old Town. The hotel is located in the heart of the ancient city, chosen to allow you to comfortably ride the city on foot and admire its beauty. Exiting you will be immersed in the Arabian-Medieval alleyways of Palermo and within a short distance you can not miss the cathedral, architectural gem, the Norman Palace, seat of the Sicilian parliament since the ‘200.

    Hotel:  Ambasciatori 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    09 August – Mondello & Arab Palermo

    On the second day of your stay in Sicilian land if you want to enjoy some sunshine we recommend the Palermitani beach, Mondello. It is located just outside Palermo, reachable by car. In the afternoon if you want to know the Arabian soul of the city, you can not miss the visit to Palazzo della Zisa. At one time this castle was surrounded by endless citrus groves, real gardens covering the entire valley around Palermo.

    Hotel:  Ambasciatori 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    10 August – Trapani and its Sailtworks

    We leave the noble Palermo to discover another side of Sicily, the sailtworks of Mozia in Trapani. A place that tells of the hard work that is still being done today. A location unmatched, with windmills that stand between the gloss of saline waters which create stunning views, especially at sunset. For the evening we recommend a walk in the medieval village of Erice, perched on a hill that dominates the whole district.

    Check-out: Hotel Ambasciatori 4*                         Check-in: Hotel Relais Antiche Saline 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    11 August – San Vito Lo Capo

    San Vito lo Capo is one of the most famous beaches in Sicily, it will be for its exoticism, for the best couscous of fish, for sure there are many reasons to spend at least one morning among its golden beaches.

    For the evening, we recommend a tasting of Marsala in Donnafugata Winery in Marsala, not far from Trapani

    To visit in the surrounding area: Zingaro Reserve, Tonnara di Scopello

    Hotel:  Relais Antiche Saline 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    12 August – Selinunte

    Sicily is first and foremost History and Archeology, then we head towards one of the most important Greek cities in the western part of the island, Selinunte. A visit to the archaeological park lasts half a day due to its extension, but it is worth it to savor the magnificence of its temples. A small detour along the way could be Mazara del Vallo, the most Arab city in Sicily. The selected hotel is located near Agrigento, precisely in Realmonte, because it is better to reach than others.

    Check-out: Relais Antiche Saline 4*           Check-in: Hotel Puntamajata 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    13 August – Scala dei Turchi & Valle dei Templi

    We suggest you spend one morning at the Scala dei Turchi, a mighty white cliff that took its name during Turkish raids for its particular form. In the evening, a visit to the Valley of the Temples, to end at sunset with breathtaking views.

    Hotel:  Puntamajata 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    14 August – Ragusa Ibla

    And we enter the places of Montalbano, just a stroll through the streets of Ragusa and you will find yourself in the same scenarios told by Camilleri (one of the best modern sicilian writer). The hotel we selected is a mix of the local tradition of finding homes within caves and the comfort that everyone dreams of on vacation.

    Check-out: Hotel Puntamajata 4*                Check-in: Locanda Don Serafino 4* (o similare in base a disponibilità)

    15 August – Donnafugata & Modica

    A must do not miss in this area is the castle of Donnafugata, a true architectural jewel in the middle of the Sicilian countryside. This is a clear example of the Sicilian style, with its farm structure and its baroque rooms. In the evening, a walk to Modica to taste the typical chocolate of the city.

    Hotel:  Locanda Don Serafino 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    16 August – Marzamemi & Noto

    We move on to the Ionian Sea but we still find a predominantly marine environment, and there is no better place than Marzamemi to find out. A small seaport that seems to be standing 50 years ago. The chosen hotel is a resort located in an ancient village in the Syracuse countryside, where the password is “relaxation“. In the evening, we recommend a stroll to discover the baroque city par excellence, Noto.

    Check-out: Locanda Don Serafino  4*                    Check-in: Kallikoros Hotel Spa Resort 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    17 August – Siracusa

    Syracuse is easily reached by car, a visit to the city usually comes from its archaeological park with the Greek Theater and Dionysus Ear. In the afternoon we suggest losing you in the alleys of Ortigia, the islet on which the first Greek settlement was built. Its focal point is the splendid Duomo square, in the surroundings you will find the Aretusa fountain and the Maniace castle overlooking the entrance to the bay.

    Hotel:  Kallikoros Hotel Spa Resort 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    18 August – Vendicari

    Close to your hotel lies a paradise, Vendicari‘s protected nature reserve. Here you can admire how the landscape was presented before the arrival of man. Within the reserve, there is also a small fishing village.

    Hotel:  Kallikoros Hotel Spa Resort 4* (Or similar based on availability)

    19 August – Catania

    Catania is the second important city in Sicily, well worth a walk. The selected hotel is located on the coast, convenient to reach by car and is a great resort where the comfort is masterful. The old town is full of Baroque palaces built after the destruction of the city in 1669. Among the places to be missed: the cathedral, the Benedictine monastery, via Crociferi, the Biscari Palace, Villa Bellini. In the evening, usually in the summer, the Catanians love to move to Acitrezza, the country of Malavoglia.

    Check-out: Kallikoros Hotel Spa Resort 4*                       Check-in: Hotel Romano Palace Luxury 5* (Or similar based on availability)

    20 August – Taormina

    Just 30 minutes drive to the Ionian Pearl, Taormina. But before climbing into the most famous town in Sicily, we suggest a bath between the Gorges of Alcantara. A rock formation between which flows the river. In the afternoon, a walk on the Corso Umberto of Taormina is obligatory, not only for its shops but especially for its beauty and the breathtaking panorama of Etna at sunset.

    Hotel:  Romano Palace Luxury 5* (Or similar based on availability)

    21 August – Etna

    Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, offers many opportunities for visitors. There are many hiking trails that arrive at the summit craters, or tastings of famous wines in the cellars surrounding the entire volcano.

    Hotel:  Romano Palace Luxury 5* (Or similar based on availability)

    22 August – Cefalù

    Returning to Palermo a forced stop is the village of Cefalù. A small village on the sea that is proud of its Norman cathedral. In the afternoon we suggest returning to Palermo for a last night in its alleys.

    Check-out: Hotel Romano Palace Luxury 5*          Check-in:  Hotel Villa Igiea 5* (Or similar based on availability)

    23 August – Palermo

    Issue of rental car at the airport and embarkation on return flight. End of services

    The program may be subject to variations for technical and / or operational reasons.

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    16 days / 15 nights

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