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Among the many ways that Pope Francis has changed the tone of the Vatican is with his seeming openness to groups that have long been shunned, from divorced Catholics to children of gay couples. His approach has inspire one Italian gay travel company, Quiiky, to look at the Vatican Museums’ vast art collections from a gay perspective. Called “The Untold History,” tours began in November and focus on the sexuality of classical and Renaissance art and artists.

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“Now we go to see a sexy naked guy,” our guide says matter-of-factly, as he scurries ahead of us into the next room. It’s not the sort of thing one expects to hear on a tour inside Catholicism’s international headquarters — but then again, this is no ordinary Vatican tour.

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The headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church can now be explored in an entirely new way. Just last year, LGBT travel company Quikky launched a gay-themed tour of the Vatican Museums art collection – and it has been steadily rising in popularity ever since. The ‘Untold History’ tour, as it’s known, chronicles the gay backstories behind the world’s most famous art.

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Italy may not have the best reputation in Europe for LGBT rights and its long grip in the palm of the Church hasn’t helped, but it is changing. Everyone was welcoming and effusive, the Quiiky tour was always fun and frequently fascinating, and the country itself can only be described as quite spectacular.


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